Welcome, President Assanis

Dennis Assanis, formerly provost at Stony Brook University takes office as UD’s 28th president.


Spicing up modern medicine

Caitlin Blades, a McNair Scholar from Bridgeville, Del., is doing research that mixes new techniques and natural substances – using nanoparticles of the herb curcumin to fight inflammatory breast cancer cells. Some of the particles are coated in a specific... read more

Inclusion race

NEWARK POST—One delighted in seeing the police officers stationed throughout the race course. Another jokingly “trash-talked” the women pushing him. Another couldn’t stop smiling as her grandson pushed her in the race. But despite their special needs, all eight got to... read more

Salt bomb

RADIO HEALTH JOURNAL—Americans consume far too much salt even if they add none to their foods. Experts, including our Bill Farquhar, discuss why salt is such a health problem. Listen to the... read more

Research Studies

The College of Health Sciences is always seeking community member participation in research studies. Researchers are currently enrolling participants in studies focused on autism, blood vessel function, stroke, menopause, cerebral palsy, hamstring injury, prosthetics, chronic kidney disease, and ACL injury, just to name a few.

Each study has specific inclusion/exclusion criteria. Many studies are seeking healthy control participants. 

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Our Clinics are open to the public and accepting new patients!

Nurse Managed Primary Care Center

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Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

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Physical Therapy Clinical Services

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