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What will classes be like? Who is my advisor? Who are my faculty?
Come find answers to these questions and much more as you begin to learn about your academic expectations as a college student at UD!
New students are required to attend their academic orientation.
Please note that academic orientations begin at different times depending on your program, department, or college.new-student-orientation

Academic Orientation

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Welcome, New Employees

Welcome, new (and ‘newish’) UD College of Health Sciences faculty and staff.

Here’s to the future of healthcare! #UDel

UD College of Health Sciences

Providing a world-class education that develops strong and committed leaders, critical and analytical thinkers,  and active and engaged citizens in a global community.

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A UD grad’s quest to end pain for amputees

TECHNICAL.LY DELAWARE — Phantom pain is a condition amputees know all too well. Basically, if an individual is missing an organ or a limb, the brain is unable to process the loss so it keeps sending pain signals to where the part is supposed to be. This pain causes... read more

Cognitive and Physical Rest and Concussion Recovery Time

Our Thomas Buckley recently conducted a study to determine if rest after concussion would result in a shorter recovery time in a population of student-athletes. The National Law Review highlighted Buckley’s work in a recent article about whether cognitive and... read more

Research Studies

The College of Health Sciences is always seeking community member participation in research studies. Researchers are currently enrolling participants in studies focused on autism, blood vessel function, stroke, menopause, cerebral palsy, hamstring injury, prosthetics, chronic kidney disease, and ACL injury, just to name a few.

Each study has specific inclusion/exclusion criteria. Many studies are seeking healthy control participants. 

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Our Clinics are open to the public and accepting new patients!

Nurse Managed Primary Care Center

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Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

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Physical Therapy Clinical Services

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