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Ryan Pohlig



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The Biostatistics Facility provides analytic statistical support to faculty and student investigators for the design and analysis of health sciences research. The facility also assists with methodological and statistical review for proposed grants and manuscripts.


  • Experimental design
  • Statistical analysis plans for grant submissions
  • Power and sample size calculations
  • Selecting and evaluating instruments and surveys
  • Statistical analyses
  • Results reporting, table and figure creation

Contact & Scheduling Timeline
If you would like to use these services and/or intend to include their use in a grant proposal, an overview meeting is required to discuss the project and the research design. For grant submissions, please contact us at least FIVE WEEKS before the proposal due date to discuss the scope of the work needed.

Please complete the contact form, either in MSWord or by hand and bring it with you to the overview meeting.
To save time and facilitate data analysis, please follow the dataset management guidelines. The data should be in a spreadsheet in either the wide or long form, and a codebook/data dictionary should be included.
After services have been completed please fill out an evaluation form.


To schedule an appointment during open office hours, please use the embedded calendar and select the start time you would like to reserve below. Next, complete the contact form and select the duration you think you will need. Grey time slots have already been reserved.

Consultations are useful for discussing methodology, advising statistical analyses, aiding in data management, and helping with results interpretation. Walk-ins are welcome during office hours; however, scheduled meetings take priority.

*Those affiliated with Delaware Rehabilitation Institute (DRI) are given preference for the Thursday time slots.