The Health Sciences Complex leads the charge towards a new direction in healthcare through innovative, evidence based, wellness-focused education, research and care. The STAR Tower will build on a foundation already created in the STAR Health Sciences Complex — a focus on health and wellness while continuing to be a resource for the surrounding community.

Technology driven virtual reality and augmented reality simulation labs will provide futuristic training facilities for healthcare professionals. The space will host team training of nurses, physical therapists, medical laboratory scientists, mental health experts, behaviorists, nutritionists, health coaches and fitness experts. This adaptable space lends itself to disaster drills, hospital care, home care or community care settings. We will collaborate with UD’s Healthcare Theatre program, which develops healthcare professionals’ skills through interactive scenarios presented by theatre students. The space will host everyone from novice students to current healthcare practitioners. The area’s smart design enables new technology for skills training with innovations like SimUCare, which was born at the University of Delaware and offers improved training opportunities for healthcare providers through an expanding line of wearable technology designed to maximize realism in simulation while putting the patient at the center of care.

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For additional information, contact Dean Kathleen S. Matt, Ph.D.

(302) 831-8370

Floor 7
  • Entire Floor 7
  • Interprofessional Meeting
  • Dean’s Conference Room
Floor 6
  • Entire Floor 6
  • Interprofessional Workroom
  • Physiology Labs – 3
  • Assessment Rooms – 6
Floor 5
  • Entire Floor 5
  • CSCD (Speech) Classroom
  • Aging Symptom Translation Research Lab
  • Acoustic Room – 2
  • Sleep Room
Floor 4
  • Entire Floor 4
  • Interprofessional Mixing Classroom
  • IPE Classroom – IPE1
  • IPE Observation – IPE 2
  • IPE Observation Apartment
  • IPE Suite (all three areas)
Floor 3
  • Entire Floor 3
  • Interprofessional Meeting (Large)
Floor 2
  • Entire Floor 2
  • Exercise Functional Training
  • Executive Conference
  • Innovation Health Design Lab (More info)
  • Child Nutrition
  • Cardiovascular Core Laboratories
  • Workroom Health Coach
  • Workroom RDN
  • Neural Assessment Suite
Floor 1
  • Multipurpose Audion
  • Catering/Demo Kitchen
  • Living Wall
  • Tower Atrium
  • Hardscape Garden #1
  • Green Space Garden #2