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Research explores healthy weight gain in infants

Rapid weight gain in an infant’s first six months of life is a risk factor for child- and adulthood obesity, according to researchers. “Growth is a sign of nutritional intake and development, an insight into health,” says Jillian Trabulsi, associate professor of...
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Nursing Solutions: PD Medication Adherence Challenges

Our Ju Young Shin will lead an upcoming webinar on Parkinson's disease medication adherence challenges. The session will address medication adherence challenges faced by people with PD in the community, acknowledge the medication adherence challenges in the...
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Capitol Hill, Daytona and beyond: PT’s Galloway keeps a busy schedule

Cole Galloway’s mind is always on. An overwhelming amount of ideas ooze out of him with seeming regularity. And when your brain is constantly in overdrive, your body better keep up. So chances are, if you’ve ever crossed paths with the University of Delaware physical...
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8th graders build GoBabyGo cars

Building cars for kids with disabilities was a rewarding experience for 8th graders from The Independence School. They put their STEM education into practice by adapting GoBabyGo cars for three families during a visit to STAR...
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Nutrition and Dietetics Club hosts Embrace screening

The Nutrition and Dietetics Club will host a screening of Embrace, a documentary that explores the global issue of body loathing, on Tuesday, Feb. 28. The curtain will open at 7 p.m. in the Trabant Theater. The event is free and open to the UD community and general...
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Reproducible Research Seminar Series

Join the biostatistics team as they present a seminar series introducing some tools and techniques of reproducible research and how the use of these tools can improve the quality and efficiency of research.

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Research Studies

The College of Health Sciences is always seeking community member participation in research studies. Researchers are currently enrolling participants in studies focused on autism, blood vessel function, stroke, menopause, cerebral palsy, hamstring injury, prosthetics, chronic kidney disease, and ACL injury, just to name a few.

Each study has specific inclusion/exclusion criteria. Many studies are seeking healthy control participants. 

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Researchers Toolkit


Our research and innovation programs focus on prevention, health monitoring and rehabilitation. We have more than 120 faculty members in five different departments who collaborate on research programs that address everything from cardiovascular health to neurological diseases to orthopedics to aging to pediatrics and so much more. We collaborate across our University and with external partners — in the health sciences and an array of other disciplines. We also emphasize the importance of ‘education as research’ and seek better ways to develop a workforce for today’s healthcare; we find better and more innovative ways to teach students and prepare them for careers. Our long term goal is to contribute to a ‘Healthy Delaware’ and develop best practices that advance healthcare across the nation and across the globe.

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