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Variation in care is the physical therapy profession’s greatest challenge, Maley Lecturer Tara Manal says

PT in Motion News — Physical therapy cannot move forward as a profession until those who practice it resolve the issue of unwarranted variation in practice. Tara Jo Manal, PT, DPT, FAPTA, in her delivery of the 22nd John H. P. Maley Lecture, was unequivocal in sending...
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Edwards, Kirkman use ‘renal rehab’ to combat chronic kidney disease

A University of Delaware research team in the College of Health Sciences is combating chronic kidney disease (CKD) with exercise. More than 26 million American adults have CKD and, because of difficult-to-see warning signs, late detection is common. The leading cause...
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Neuroscientist Jeka chairs Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology

The Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology (KAAP) has a new chairperson. John Jeka, a neuroscientist and distinguished researcher, has been selected to lead the department. When considering UD, the Science, Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus and...
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Evelyn Hayes awarded UD Medal of Distinction

Two distinguished and long-time members of the University of Delaware community – Evelyn Hayes and Louis L. Hirsh – have been recognized with the University’s Medal of Distinction. Hayes is Trustees’ Distinguished Professor Emerita of Nursing, and Hirsh is retired...
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Have you ever fainted? This is what was happening to your body.

More than a million Americans faint every year, and countless more do worldwide. Our Bill Farquhar (Kinesiology & Applied Physiology) wrote an article on the topic for Washington Post. Read the...
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Reproducible Research Seminar Series

Join the biostatistics team as they present a seminar series introducing some tools and techniques of reproducible research and how the use of these tools can improve the quality and efficiency of research.

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Research Studies

The College of Health Sciences is always seeking community member participation in research studies. Researchers are currently enrolling participants in studies focused on autism, blood vessel function, stroke, menopause, cerebral palsy, hamstring injury, prosthetics, chronic kidney disease, and ACL injury, just to name a few.

Each study has specific inclusion/exclusion criteria. Many studies are seeking healthy control participants. 

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Researchers Toolkit


Our research and innovation programs focus on prevention, health monitoring and rehabilitation. We have more than 120 faculty members in five different departments who collaborate on research programs that address everything from cardiovascular health to neurological diseases to orthopedics to aging to pediatrics and so much more. We collaborate across our University and with external partners — in the health sciences and an array of other disciplines. We also emphasize the importance of ‘education as research’ and seek better ways to develop a workforce for today’s healthcare; we find better and more innovative ways to teach students and prepare them for careers. Our long term goal is to contribute to a ‘Healthy Delaware’ and develop best practices that advance healthcare across the nation and across the globe.

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