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Debbie Allen, M.S.

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Undergraduate Student Services

Undergraduate Student Services

The faculty and staff in the college are committed to student success and provide assistance to students as they pursue their academic endeavors. Students are assigned faculty and/or professional advisors who have expertise and knowledge in their fields of study.

The Assistant Dean and Academic Program Manager provide additional problem solving and assistance to students as they progress through their academic plan, as well as providing support to faculty and departmental staff in their roles as advisors.

Some examples of how we support students:

Undergraduate Student Services can assist students as they navigate their academic pursuits and achieve their degree. We support faculty in their roles as advisors, as well as helping students who have complex academic programs (e.g., multiple majors/minors).

Additionally, we can assist students by connecting them with appropriate resources depending on their needs. For example, we are happy to discuss options for help if you feel you are not performing as well as you would like to academically. Or we can point you in the direction of academic enrichment programs including undergraduate researchservice learning and study abroad opportunities.

Find the answers to some common questions asked by CHS students.

How do I…

Q: …find my academic advisor?
 In UDSIS, under the Main Menu, select Self Service. On your Student Center page, there is a box located on the right side titled Advisors. Your advisors are listed for all majors and minors. If you do not have an assigned advisor, contact your major’s department.

Q: …take a course on pass/fail basis?
 Some courses are offered only on a pass/fail basis. In addition, each semester matriculated students have the option to take one course that is offered on a letter-grade basis on a pass/fail basis. The total number of credits earned on a pass/fail basis may not exceed 24 in the baccalaureate degree program, excluding those courses that are graded pass/fail only.

In most instances a pass/fail course can only be used as a free elective. Students are encouraged to consult with and obtain approval from their advisors in the selection of courses to be taken on a pass/fail basis. 

Even when students complete a course on a pass/fail basis, the instructor will assign a regular grade. If the student has a grade of A, B, C or D (plus or minus), a grade of P will be listed on the report of grades and on the transcript. If the student receives a grade of F, it will be recorded on the permanent record. A passing grade will not be counted in the GPA. A failing grade under the pass/fail option will be counted in the GPA.

Q: …audit a course?
 If you wish to attend class but do not wish to receive academic degree credit or complete the required work, you may register to audit a class. (This is also called registering as a ‘listener.’) Tuition, registration procedure, and forms are the same as for credit courses. No grade will be recorded for audit students.

Q: …add a minor?
 In UDSIS, under the Main Menu, select Self Service. On your Student Center page, there is a box located on the right side titled Web Forms. Click on the link titled Change of Major, Minor, Concentration and Graduation Term.

Q: …change my expected graduation term?
 In UDSIS, under the Main Menu, select Self Service. On your Student Center page, there is a box located on the right side titled Web Forms. Click on the link titled Change of Major, Minor, Concentration and Graduation Term.

Q: …change my major?
 In UDSIS, under the Main Menu, select Self Service. On your Student Center page, there is a box located on the right side titled Web Forms. Click on the link titled Change of Major, Minor, Concentration and Graduation Term. For more information on restricted and non-restricted majors, go to http://www.udel.edu/registrar/students/restmajorsinfo.html

Q: …know when I can register for classes for upcoming terms?
 Registration in fall, spring and winter session courses is based on an assigned registration appointment by the student’s classification/level (i.e., senior, junior, sophomore and freshman).

In UDSIS, under the Main Menu, select Self Service. On your Student Center page, there is a box located on the right side titled Enrollment Dates. Click on Open Enrollment Dates to view the days and times in which you can enroll in classes. You do not need an enrollment appointment to register for summer courses.

Q: …enroll in a course at another college while attending UD?

Q: …request a medical leave of absence?
 A matriculated undergraduate who needs to discontinue studies for medical reasons (e.g., surgery, pregnancy, illness, rehabilitation and other health-related circumstances) can request a medical leave of absence. Verification for the medical leave of absence must be presented to the Dean of Students when the application for leave is made.

If a medical leave is granted, the student may later resume his or her studies without applying for readmission. If a student cannot return to the University at the end of the medical leave, the Dean of Students should be consulted.

A medical leave does not negate the student’s financial responsibility to the University. Financial aid recipients should contact the Student Financial Services at the earliest possible opportunity. Participants in the University’s health insurance plan will be covered only during the year when the student was enrolled (September 1 through August 31); coverage will not extend beyond this period.

Q: …request an educational leave of absence?
 Undergraduate students who wish to engage in activities related to their educational objectives that would involve discontinuing registration at the University for up to one year may be eligible for a Leave of Absence, upon the approval of their college Assistant Dean. Students should consult their academic Assistant Deans on procedures for obtaining an Academic Leave of Absence. Call 302-831-8073 to schedule an appointment to discuss your plans.

Q: …request extended time away from the University?
 Students may interrupt their studies for up to 15 consecutive months, and still remain in their degree programs. This grace period begins at the end of the student’s last semester of enrollment. During the grace period, students need not apply for readmission to register for classes.

Students who withdraw before the fall or spring semesters, or before the Academic Penalty Deadline (after the eighth week of class) may avoid any academic penalty by filling out the Withdrawal/Leave Notification Form through the Dean of Students Office or the office of the Assistant Dean of the student’s college.

After the Academic Penalty Deadline, withdrawals and leaves require permission from the Assistant Dean of the student’s college. To initiate this process, the student should make an appointment with their college’s Assistant Dean. The Assistant Dean’s approval is granted only when non-academic extenuating circumstances exist, such as a serious illness or severe emotional crisis. Documentation by a physician or a counseling professional must be presented when requesting approval from the Assistant Dean. Approval will not be given because of failing grades, circumstances resulting from a change in major or a student error in registration.

To learn more about withdrawal procedures, students should contact the CHS Undergraduate Student Services Office, 302-831-8073 or the Office of Student Life, 302-831-8939.

CHS Undergraduate Student Services upholds the University academic policies and assists students and faculty with interpretation in relation to these matters. If you have questions about a policy or procedure, please contact our office at chs-advise@udel.edu or (302) 831-8073.

Registration and Enrollment

Drop/Add and Withdrawal Policies
How Many Credits Can You Take?
Taking Courses on a Pass/Fail Basis
Repeated Courses and Duplicate Credit
Transfer Courses and Residency

Academic Planning

Changing Your Major
Adding a Minor
Double Degrees

Academic Standing

UD’s Grading System
How Your GPA is Calculated
Academic Probation and Dismissal
Dean’s List Honors

Commencement and Degree Completion

Academic Honors for Graduating Students
Commencement and Diplomas

Time Away from the University

Educational Leave of Absence
Medical Leave of Absence
Extended Time Away from the University


Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM (Closed 12 Noon – 1:00 PM)
Walk-In hours: Monday and Wednesday, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM, and Friday, 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Walk-In service for current students is designed to last 10-15 minutes on a first-come/first-served basis to answer simple questions, make referrals to campus resources or other University offices, and review and sign forms such as Transfer Credit Evaluation, Last Semester Certification for Athletes, and University Withdrawal or Leave of Absence. Please note: a Medical Leave of Absence is processed through the Office of the Dean of Students.

The schedule for Walk-In service will be updated each semester and any changes to the schedule will be posted on this page. Scheduling is subject to change based on staff availability and other college or university events. You’ll be asked to sign-in next to a 15-minute appointment slot and provide the reason for your visit. So, plan to arrive at least 15-30 minutes before the close of walk-in hours.

You can come to the office any time during regular business hours to drop off documentation.

Walk-In Schedule: March 17, 2014 – April 14, 2014


Appointments to meet with the Assistant Dean of Student Services and the Academic Program Manager can be made at the Undergraduate Student Services office front desk, or by phone at 302-831-8073. Appointments can be face-to-face or by phone. Typical topics discussed by appointment include:

  • Academic probation, academic challenges, and course work difficulties
  • Personal challenges or family issues that directly affect your ability to attend classes or complete course work
  • Late registration
  • Excused absences
  • Exploring options regarding majors and minors


Quick questions can be answered via email to chs-advise@udel.edu. Students with very complex questions should call (302) 831-8073 to schedule an appointment. We’ll get back to you within two business days with a thorough answer to your question. When sending us a message, include your full name and student ID number so that we can provide you with information as it applies directly to you.

Extenuating Circumstances

Sometimes, unexpected things get in the way of your academics or continued studies. If you are experiencing unusual circumstances that are impacting your ability to remain enrolled, please call our office at 302- 831-8073. We can either assist you directly or connect you with the people on campus who can assist you.

Generally, the following do not require a meeting with our staff:

Senior Checkout

CHS completes Official Senior Checkouts for all students who are seniors within CHS. We work with each academic department to summarize students’ remaining requirements within the major and outside of the major. Senior Checkouts are automatically completed in the academic year prior to a student’s graduation term (as listed in UDSIS). Our office does not schedule appointments for Senior Checkouts; instead they are automatically sent to students’ udel.edu email addresses. Students who would like to find out about the status of their Senior Checkout can email the office at chs-advise@udel.edu.

Degree Clearance

No meeting is required in order to verify that you have completed all degree requirements. After you have completed your final semester, we provide confirmation to the Registrar’s Office. Using your Senior Checkout, we verify that you have, in fact completed all of your requirements and are eligible for your degree. There is nothing that you need to do to initiate this process. Once we have confirmed your eligibility, the Registrar’s Office will post your degree to your official transcript and order your diploma. For more information about degree conferral, graduation ceremonies, and diplomas, go to www.udel.edu/registrar/graduation-diplomas.