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Student Resources

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Undergraduate Student Services can assist students as they navigate their academic pursuits and achieve their degree. We support faculty in their roles as advisors, as well as helping students who have complex academic programs (e.g., multiple majors/minors).

Additionally, we can assist students by connecting them with appropriate resources depending on their needs. For example, we are happy to discuss options for help if you feel you are not performing as well as you would like to academically. Or we can point you in the direction of academic enrichment programs including undergraduate researchservice learning and study abroad opportunities.


  1. Academic Advisement in the College
  2. Academic Regulations for Undergraduates  
  3. Academic Standing 
  4. Academic Success
  5. Commencement
  6. Graduation & Degree Conferral 
  7. GPA Calculator 
  8. Resources for Students 
  9. Service Learning
  10. UD Policies that Impact You