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The start of the fall semester is always a busy time in the College of Health Sciences, but this year with a record number of incoming students and the opening of the Tower at STAR there’s even more going on than usual.

All this energy and excitement means the College of Health Sciences is doing just what it’s supposed to – support the tremendous work being done by our faculty, staff and students to educate, train and develop the future healthcare workforce.

That’s not just a tagline for us – we see collaboration and innovation across disciplines as critical to improving the health of Delawareans and beyond. As the STAR Campus continues to expand, our students and faculty have more opportunity to work together and identify, address and solve some of healthcare’s most pressing challenges.

In fact, the Tower at STAR was built just for that purpose. Collaboration space can be found on each floor, a building design that was intentional to help spark a flow of ideas. We know how important it is for everyone to have a space where they can brainstorm, which is why this year’s group of First Step teams will work out of the Innovation Health Design Lab on the second floor.

Don’t worry – there’s still plenty going on next door in the Health Sciences Complex in Building 1, where each day more than 1,700 faculty, staff, students, patients, research subjects, and visitors come to this one-of-a-kind space. Our engagement with the community not only strengthens our commitment to improving the health of Delawareans, it also provides meaningful opportunities for our students to get experience and learn valuable skills beyond the classroom.

Among our 630 freshmen in the Class of 2022 are eight students whose introduction to the College of Health Sciences actually came in high school. Students in the CHS Pipeline Program received college credit for their Health Sciences-focused classwork, while our Health Sciences Summer Camp offers high school students an early look at the career options available through CHS. It’s part of our commitment to making sure our future workforce reflects the communities they serve.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the College of Health Sciences. Take some time to look at all the opportunities that the college offers in majors, minors, coursework, research, clinical work and community engagement. The careers you can train for in Health Sciences are many and diverse. Find the one that fits your interest and work with us to improve health and innovate the future of healthcare. The sky’s the limit.

All the best, Kathleen S. Matt, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean, College of Health Sciences
Executive Director, Delaware Health Sciences Alliance

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