The College of Health Sciences is committed to advancing innovation in education, patient care and community outreach. CHS supports programs and initiatives that show a commitment to these goals. Here are some of the initiatives funded by the College:



You can read about innovation in textbooks or you can see it firsthand in the College of Health Sciences, where students and faculty create design solutions for immediate, real-world impact. In the Health Design Innovation Lab, Director of Innovation Martha Hall works with students who are making clothing to address unique health challenges, including wearable technology for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and custom-fit ankle-foot orthoses for stroke patients.

As part of the Community Engagement Initiative at the University of Delaware, the Partnership for Healthy Communities (PHC) seeks to improve the health and well-being of Delaware residents, especially those living in communities that experience social and economic disadvantages. They do this in partnership with community-based organizations, state and local agencies, students, and colleagues across the University, and communities themselves. 





A major challenge in our industry is combating the healthcare workforce shortages that our nation is facing. The state of Delaware is not immune to this issue. We must recruit and develop highly educated professionals — the future leaders of healthcare professions. With a focus on Delawareans and underrepresented students, UD’s “College of Health Sciences Pipeline Program” exposes elementary, middle, and high school students to the breadth of health science career choices and aids in preparation for the academic rigor of higher education.

The College of Health Sciences is a hub of multidisciplinary research. By working with interdisciplinary partners across the University as well as other higher education and healthcare institutions, CHS is helping to improve the health of Delaware’s residents while also building research capabilities across the state.



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