The students were exercising, but instead of free weights or dumbbells this workout used Legos and visualization techniques to build communication and team-based skills.

This “workout” was part of Interprofessional Training in Empathy, Affect, & Mindfulness (I-TEAM, which is trademarked) — a new interprofessional and interdisciplinary program primarily for first-year graduate students in the University of Delaware’s College of Health Sciences. The program, the first of its kind in the country, combines online lectures and in-person interprofessional small group work to teach and engage students from a variety of health professions in the science and experience of empathy, emotions, and mindfulness.

During the year-long seminar, students will workout empathy “muscles” such as: emotional attunement and resonation, affect recognition, self and other awareness, mental flexibility, observation, presence, listening, and general openness and other-orientation.  

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