Organic foods are everywhere nowadays, and that includes infant formula. As a parent, your number one priority is protecting and ensuring the health of your baby, and one of the biggest choices you make is what you’ll feed them. So does organic live up to the hype?

Pestcides, bioengineering, radiation. That all sounds pretty scary, but does it really have an impact on infant health? The simplest answer is, we don’t know.

According to Jillian Trabulsi, Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Director of the Graduate Program in Human Nutrition at the University of Delaware, “There’s no scientific evidence-based research to recommend organic over nonorganic infant formulas. We need to see the data and then come to scientific conclusions. And at this time we just don’t have that evidence base.”

Trabulsi is also the co-author of The Handbook of Dietary and Nutritional Aspects of Bottle-feeding and in year 4 of a 5-year study on the topic. She says that many hypothesize that it’s healthier to eat organic foods, but there’s just not enough evidence to make that assertion yet. Read more on The Stir

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