FIRST FLOOR – Community Collaboration

This floor is where the future of healthcare collides with community and private industry, creating innovative solutions that impact our world. The audion, atrium, and demonstration kitchen are a public showcase for everyone to gather, collaborate and learn together.

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Multipurpose Audion (available for naming)

This signature multi-purpose space will be used for events ranging from community lectures and cooking demonstrations to large-scale conferences and meetings. A state-of-the-art audio visual system is integrated throughout the space.

Tower Atrium (available for naming)

This urban epicenter will provide space unlike any other at the University or in the surrounding area through a signature message of health and wellbeing. Its architectural design features a living wall and wide-open spaces filled with natural light, which cultivate collaboration through open seating which can enhance internal and external events.

Demonstration Kitchen (available for naming)

Located in the audion, the demonstration kitchen will be used for healthy cooking demonstrations a well as by nutrition faculty and students as a unique experiential learning space. The space also doubles as a catering kitchen that can be used for events.  It will provide many opportunities for education and research to link our surrounding communities. 

Mixing Staircase (available for naming)

A focal point within the Tower’s first floor will be an expansive “Stairway to Translational Research”, which connects the main atrium area to the Innovation Health Design Lab, lecture/instructional areas, and research and clinical spaces. 

Garden (named)

Located in the plaza area, the garden includes three rainwater “tulips” as an ornamental feature, lighting along the entrance to the audion, and wood benches for visitors to enjoy the space. Planters will include ornamental grasses and milkweed plants to attract butterflies.

Living Wall (named)

A feature of the atrium area, the living wall and chef’s garden is a sustainable, horizontal garden that will greet students, faculty and visitors as they enter the atrium space and will be a signature piece for the theme of the building – prevention and wellness based on the science of health.

rendering of the new star tower demonstration kitchen in the first floor audion
rendering of the new star tower atrium and the living wall on the first floor near the audion
rendering of the new star tower demonstration kitchen in the first floor audion

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For naming opportunities in The Tower at STAR Campus, please contact Dean Kathleen S. Matt. 

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