For more than half a century, the Chrysler assembly plant in Newark, Delaware provided employment for generations of local residents and was an important economic asset and social presence in the city of Newark. Today, the same site is home to the University of Delaware’s College of Health Sciences which is training the next generation healthcare workforce. 
The College of Health Sciences occupies two buildings on campus: the Health Sciences Complex and the Tower at STAR. Here research, education and care come together to transform the future of healthcare.
Research in state-of-the-art labs is translated into patient-centered care in public clinics and services through UD Health. Interprofessional and experiential educational experiences provide students with the knowledge and skills to solve today’s healthcare challenges. 



While the University of Delaware maintains an active research and clinical care presence on the Science Technology and Research (STAR) Campus, the site is already a hub of innovation. 

In addition to UD Health’s clinical-care services of physical therapy, primary care and speech therapy, the STAR Campus boasts a manufacture of clean fuel-cell power sources, a zero-emissions vehicle laboratory, and a 10,000 square foot wet lab incubator for small research companies. 

As the site continues to grow with current construction with Chemours, a new train station, and a biopharma innovation building, the College of Health Sciences continues to foster strategic partnerships in the development of the STAR Campus. 


The University is building out much of the campus through collaboration with outside entities.  UD owns the land and leases it to industry partners. Current and future tenants build facilities that suit their individual needs while simultaneously fitting the University’s vision of a mixed-use urban development with vibrant street life. 


Charles Park was named “The Sculptor of Delaware” by former Governor Jack Markell. Charles Parks touched the lives of many through his splendid work. His art, rooted in Delaware, conveys his commitment to family and friends. His spirit lives on through his body of work and continues to bring joy to all who view them. These sculptures add a humane and rich iconic Delaware touch that brings meaning ot the work happening on STAR Campus — work driven to improve the health of all Delawareans. 

“The Point is to create symbols that fill a spiritual need in one’s own time”
– Charles Parks

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