The College of Health Sciences annual Top Student luncheon was held April 25 at the Tower at STAR. Seniors in each department were selected by their respective department chair.

Listed below are the outstanding student names and their major: 

Courtney DeFeo, Athletic Training
Molly Zabilowicz, Athletic Training
Madison Ciccaglione, Exercise Science
Kevin Murch, Exercise Sciences
Hannah Aita, Health Behavior Science
Lindsey Vita, Health Behavior Science
Emily Mathios, Nutrition 
Sarah Albrecht, Nutrition 
Leon Elcock, Applied Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
Rashiqah Syed, Medical Diagnostics 
Shannon Murphy, Medical Diagnostics Pre-PA Concentration 
Kate Koluch, Medical Laboratory Sciences
Maria Noquez Perez, Medical Laboratory Sciences
Sarah Jacobs, Nursing
Emily Cavanagh, Nursing 


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